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Liv Pratt is an illustrator, animator, and filmmaker from Massachusetts

with a heart for the whimsical in the everyday.

They graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Film & Television.


As a child, Liv spent their time in lively conversation with nature and eager observation of their brother's video games. They have spent years bringing a meticulous eye, unique creative voice, and compassionate spirit to screenwriting, producing, and animating in a wide spectrum of mediums and genres.


Their thesis film, a live-action & stop-motion hybrid called “Peaches,” was awarded the Thomas William Gidro-Frank Production Award from NYU

and premieres in 2023.


Liv loves trees and hates toothpaste. They are currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Photo by Lauren Nicola

For work inquiries or to learn more, please reach out to

or find me on Instagram


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Resume and references available upon request

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